14th N.C. Company I, Lexington Wild Cats Civil War Reenactors

     Gen. Stephen Dodson Ramseur

           Gen. Junius Daniels

           Col. Risden Tyler Bennett

 Gen. George B. Anderson

Gen. Wiliam Ruffin Cox

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14th. N.C. Company I 


Last Update:  February 13, 2019


History and Goals

The 14th North Carolina Company I was first organized on May 29, 2011 at the Peace Light monument in Gettysburg where the 14th North Carolina launched their attack on the first day of the battle of Gettysburg. Ours members hail from Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida and New Jersey. We primarily reenact events in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. As soldiers, we strive to be as authentic as possible in our dress attire, camp life, drills, and battles. As a military unit portraying the Civil War era, we will conduct ourselves in such a manor. We will remember and honor the men of the 14th North Carolina Company I by our actions and demonstrations. 

14th North Carolina featured in the December issue of Civil War News for their participation in the AP Hill March in September