14th North Carolina

Company I

Lexington Wildcats



History and Goals

The 14th North Carolina Company I was first organized on May 29, 2011 at the Peace Light monument in Gettysburg where the 14th North Carolina launched their attack on the first day of the battle of Gettysburg. Ours members hail from Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida and New Jersey. We primarily reenact events in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and beyond. As soldiers, we strive to be as authentic as possible in our dress attire, camp life, drills, and battles. As a military unit portraying the Civil War era, we will conduct ourselves in such a manor. We will remember and honor the men of the 14th North Carolina Company I by our actions and demonstrations.


Definition of a Member

    A person 12 years old or older, who participates in company drill and battles. Said person pays annual ANV      insurance, company and battalion dues through the 14th NC Company I. Members can make nominations and suggestions. Members have voting rights on the election of the captain, election of events and bylaw reforms.

Any person wishing to become a member must serve a probationary period of 3 events. When said person makes their 3 events, a vote will take place at their next event to determine membership. 

A new recruit invited for one event with the 14th NC Company I must obtain ANV insurance through the 14th NC Company I before he engages in battle.

 Member inviting a soldier to an event must contact the 1st sgt. The 1st sgt will contact the membership for a vote on said person for approval.  

Membership dues must be paid at the winter meeting for ANV insurance. Additional dues may be required for company and battalion business.

Any current member on roster who is active military and is unable to participate in the years events may have their dues waived for that year and will stay on the roster.


As per ANV rules, members must be 14 years of age or older to carry a rifle into battle. Members must be 12 years old or older to participate in company drill.  

Captain collects all dues and is responsible for paying ANV insurance and battalion dues.

All members are required to support the 14th NC Company I. The company is bigger than the individual.


Membership will nominate and elect the captain at the winter meeting every year. The captain will select the staff.


Elected captain and selected staff must make 2/3 of the events for the year. 

A member nominated for captain at the winter meeting and is not in attendance, will get 1 phone call to accept or decline nomination.

A member must have 6 events or 1 year of service with the 14th NC Company I to hold a staff position.

Tie breaker for the election of captain

       -  The highest rank from the previous year

       -  If election between two privates, the private with the most events attended

       -  Staff from previous year


If a decision needs to be made that is not covered by these bylaws, the staff will make the decision. 

Women and children accompanied by a soldier may stay in camp as a guest. 

Guests who stay in camp with their respective soldier must be in period dress attire at all times.

Guests who stay in camp must have insurance. Guests may acquire insurance through the 14th NC Company I.

Guests must follow camp and event rules.

Women are not permitted to be soldiers.

Any concern or conflict, members will go to the 1st sergeant.

The 1st sergeant will go to the captain with reasons for dismissal of a soldier. The captain will initiate the dismissal before the 14th NC Company I. The company will vote yes or no on dismissal.

All voting must have simple majority present to pass.

All bylaws will be added or corrected at the winter meeting.

New members are encouraged to ask current members about uniforms and equipment. This will allow the new member to save money from buying something that is inaccurate.

Attendance - no minimum number of events required for members except for the staff.

Strive to attend the battalion events. We need five rifles, one event a year to meet our quota with the battalion.

Our primary objective is to recreate military life in the Civil War and to have fun. If you are not here to do this, find something else to do.

 Camp Life 

Tents will be an A-frame, dog tent, and “shebangs”. Wall tents will be permitted for the company commander only. Campaigning is welcomed.


Camp stools are appropriate. There will be no “directors” chairs. When a lady is present, she should be permitted to sit on the camp stool, not the ground. A soldier should give up his stool for a lady and sit on the ground. Stools should also be hidden during the day until spectators are gone.

There will be no modern items in sight. Keep all modern items in your tent and your tent flaps tied.

 Any flies erected for shade will be at the discretion of the captain.

 The company staff will house the company flags.


All soldiers are responsible for their own equipment.


Cooking should be as period correct as possible. No huge kitchens will be permitted. Members are responsible for their own food and water.


When eating, only the use of period cups, muckets, plates, bowls, and utensils will be used. Nothing modern should be seen. Keep the modern things in your tent.


This is the 1860’s. Shirts should be buttoned all the way up. Vests were common and soldiers are encouraged to wear them.


Only period eye glasses should be worn.


Cigarette smoking should not be seen in camp. If you need to smoke a cigarette, do it in your tent or leave the camp to do it. Period pipes and cigars are acceptable.


All beverages must be placed in a mucket or cup.


Each event has reveille and quiet time at night. These two times will be followed.


As gentlemen, our language should be clean in the presence of spectators. We should be on our best behavior at all times.


Intoxication will not be tolerated. Disciplinary actions will be taken.

No illegal substances will be allowed at events.


Impression Recommendations


Coat - NC shell, NC sack, Richmond Depot’s, Battle Shirts, Federal sack. Jean wool is recommended.

  Trousers - CS mule ear or side seam, Federal trousers. Jean wool is recommended. PJ bottoms are recommended under trousers.

 3 band rifle with bayonet. Enfield, Springfield, Richmond.


Civil War accoutrements - CS or US. Not much brass is recommended. Belt, cap pouch, haversack, cartridge box with tins, bayonet scabbard.




Hats - slouch or forage caps (many styles) and kepis

Shirt and Vest.


Socks - wool or cotton.


Canteen - Civil War period


Blankets - wool blanket or quilt. Gum blanket and poncho are recommended.

Lantern and stick matches.


Eating - cup, mucket, plate or bowl, and utensils. Tin or stainless steel. Tin is more authentic.


Knapsack - CS or US. A blanket roll looks good. Blanket carrier.


All weapons must be inspected before each battle.

 Rounds will be between 60 - 90 grains of black powder.

  1. .58 caliber – 70 grain max

  2. .69 caliber – 90 grain max

  3. No Pyrodex

  4. No FFFF

4 wing caps ONLY.

Cartridge box tins are to be in your cartridge box.


Edged weapons like knives may be worn but must be tied in place. Some events do not permit edged weapons and their respective rule will be followed.

Every member must drill before being permitted to participate in a battle. Only the captain can make exceptions to this rule.

 A period correct bucket of water will be placed near the camp fire at all times.

 Canteens must be full at weapons inspections.


Any member that is unsure about something, just ask the corporal or 1st sergeant.


We are all friends, let’s help each other out.

The captain will write a report for each event with a record of attending members and guests.

The 1st Sgt will conduct a roll call every morning at each event. The 1st Sgt will also email the membership a call to arms and an after action report.


The Ordinance or NCO’s  will insure that all weapons are clean immediately post scenarios.


All members of the company must report to an NCO prior to leaving camp.